Epson P7III Schnittstellenplatine für IBM 46xx Bondrucker

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IBM 46xx Printer Module (P7III)


The P7 III module product line emulates both the IBM Models 3 and 4R POS printers and the new 4610 printer.

This module can be used in the Epson H5000II, T88II and H6000 printers.

With the protocol emulation, the P7 III easily connects to the IBM terminal without additional cables or host

reprogramming to give the user a new and more technologically advanced printer.

Electronic journal memory is available.


► Up to 32 meg NAND memory option
► Drop-in replacement
► RS-232 Feature Card emulation option

► IBM Model 3/4 ® emulation and 4610 Native mode support
► Legacy system investment protection
► No external power supply needed
► Uses existing IBM printer cable
► Stored graphic logos in non-volatile printer memory
► Easy installation

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